Sunday, April 24

My Big...

Because the great day is almost upon are a few photos of my bump that I've been slacking getting up. :)

Monday, February 21

Still counting....

Its just me, avoiding housework again. Today I've decided that exhaustion is entirely subjective. I managed to put in 11 miles running last week, but today after 3 trips up the stairs (for laundry) and I'm a little tired (and a lot bored). How does that work?
We have 11 weeks left and can hardly wait. I'm ready to start the next task at hand (Start feeling better rather than progressively getting larger!) reality is really starting to sink in at this point, I sure hope we're ready! I asked Kelly today "Are we even responsible enough to be parents?" His response "No, not really. But it will good." :) He always makes me laugh, and I know he is definitely going to be an amazing father. I'm glad to have his help, we all know I'm going to need it!

Tuesday, February 15

Fly On The Wall

This post is just a peek inside the things that go on in our world. You'll either understand why I love our life, or just think we are weird. Our life is perfect for me because its weird. :) Every time Kelly makes me laugh I fall even more in love with him.

This is what a Hot Dog stuffed with a Corn Dog looks like. :) Am I the only one laughing? Seriously, he was stuffed. Ted spent his first night in a "classy" hotel last night. We ended up in SLC needing a hotel room, but what do you do with the little guy? I couldn't leave him in the car all night. So we stuffed him in one of those reusable granola cruncher grocery snacks, threw a blanket in on top of him and tried our damdest to non-chalantly stroll into the Marriott. Even with a pillow in the other hand I could not seem to keep him hidden very well. He was always peeking his head around to see what was going on. He totally doesn't get the idea of incognito. I was laughing so hard I probably gave us away. But he was a good dog and managed to stay quiet so we could manage not to get evicted.

Kelly bought a bigger bed because when you have to sleep next to me in the pillow fortress AND a Ted dog (Don't let his size fool you...he takes up a lot of space) there's not much room remaining for comfort. So we brought home a king (Side note: our house was not made for a bed this large. It took some serious shoving to get it up there). We set it up, and hopped on the see if it would be satisfactory. After a second look at it Kelly said, "Looks like a bigger bed didn't solve my problem." Yes, that's my pillow on your left...partially on top of his. What can I say...I like to snuggle him. :)

Tuesday, February 8


Dear Sciatic Nerve,
I know we aren't on the best of terms right now, certainly not best friends. Is there any way we can at least come to an agreement on a less painful way to co-exist? The lack of sleep is making me mean and I am beginning to despise you more and more each day. 91 more days is an insufferable amount of time to keep this up, let's come to an understanding.

Dear Bibs,
I would like to teach you your first real important lesson about life. Punctuality. Being on time is not only important, its just good manners. We should always use our best manners. Another note about punctuality: Being early is on time, being on time is late. Keep that in mind as we approach your due date. I would really hate to have to ground you the day you are born. :) Love you, can't wait to see your darling face.
The Mom

Dear Sugar,
I despise you and your cunning ways. You are nothing but a seductress in the form of baked goods that does nothing but lure me in and cause me heartburn all night long. Shame on you sugar. I'm breaking up with you.
Best regards,

Wednesday, February 2

I Can't Wait Until....

The other morning we are lying there in bed, watching the sunshine creep through the blinds and just enjoying being close to one another when I said, "I can't wait until I'm 50." Kelly, who I'm sure is really curious where this is going because I've been quiet long enough to have an incredibly wild train of thought going on, says, "Oh yeah? Why is that?" And here is suddenly dawned on me. I'm about to spend the remainder of my 20's pregnant and changing diapers. And when you put it that way...50 sounds pretty dang awesome. It will be all about ME time again. Don't get me wrong, I'm entirely excited for kids and going to love every minute of it...but I'm a realist...when 50 hits its going to feel epic!

Tuesday, February 1


I haven't posted much lately...mostly for the reason that nothing overly exciting has happened. When you are waiting for the arrival of a baby this point in time seems pretty monotonous. We count down the days and occupy our time with things that are simultaneously easy, and a pain in the ass. For example...the 2nd Trimester. Its pretty easy I have to admit...but I wouldn't say its convenient by any means. Also there are those things that need taken care assembling the new crib. In theory, it's an easy project, but the application is nothing shy of a great test of patience. Then there are my sewing projects that are only hard because I absolutely refuse to pin anything. Despite my whining things are great. We've picked up just about all of the major necessities that we'll need this May and I'm in love with my stroller/carseat. Now I just have a few wishlist items to take care of and we are totally set. I think I'll wait out the remaining 14 weeks in a nice hot bath.

I can't get enough of my wonderful husband. I'm irreversibly in love with him. And yes, I do mean irreversible. No matter where life takes us I know that my heart will always belong to him. It practically resides in his chest rather than my own. When he's gone every piece of me is dying to see him again and when he's here I have the need to be constantly in his presence. He's so good to me, I really couldn't dream up a more perfect match for me. He's my exact kind of ridiculous and I can't wait to have a family with him.

Friday, January 21

Ego Check

Today my ego is huge...overwhelmingly so. I got to come home from school and brag a little bit because I got asked out in my English class. Makes a 6 month pregnant woman feel pretty damn good. Lets face it...when you have to work hard just to bend over, squeeze your thighs into those jeans for at least one more day and grunt just to get yourself up off the couch a little compliment goes a long way. But then I have to ask myself, did I get asked out becasue I look good...or because its aparent that I put out? Regardless, I'm going to hang onto this story for years to come I'm sure.